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South Sudan has hosted the third Africa oil and Power conference in the capital Juba from 29-30th October 2019. The conference recorded the presence of many delegates from various countries like Ethiopia, Egypt and Kenya among others. Many Investors present during the conference have shown interest in investing in the oil and gas industry of South Sudan and collaborating with the government to work for the better future of South Sudan. “You have vote with your feet to come to South Sudan, now vote with your wallets and Invest in South Sudan” the CEO African oil and Power said in his opening remarks.

The event boasts an opening keynote addresses from the First Vice President H.E Taban Deng Gai, Hon. Awow Daniel Chuang, the minister of petroleum of South Sudan and many other foreign government representatives and investors.

During his opening keynote, Hon.Daniel Awow Chuang, expressed the South Sudan’s vision in the oil and gas sector, amid increased production numbers: “The oil production in South Sudan has reached 178 000 barrels per day. We hope to reach 250 000 barrels per day soon. We are successfully reaching target thanks to extensive support from our partners and neighboring countries”. Minister Chuang emphasized on the importance of its cooperation with Sudan, with whom a historic peace agreement was signed last September.

The Undersecretary in the Ministry of Petroleum Hon. Mayen Wol encouraged investors who have come to the country to take time off and move around to see and observe the changes that have taken place over the past year. Many things have been achieved since the last African Oil and Power conference. This includes the discovery of oil, resumption of some oil fields, increase of production, a new minister in the country who is also a technical person, allocation of Oil resources for other development in the country among many other changes in the industry. He also encouraged investors to explore the resources of this country and invest in the people of South Sudan.

Hon. Eng. Awow Daniel Chuang, Minister of Petroleum, South Sudan

Another important news from the event was the plan by the Ministry of Petroleum to give out licenses of about 13 blocks in the coming year. Only 10% of South Sudan is explored, we still have vast of the country with potential untapped, said the Minister of Petroleum Eng. Awow Daniel. The minister also encouraged the organizers to have more of such events so investors can come and see the potential and opportunities the country offers.

The Managing Director of Nile Petroleum Corporation (NILEPET) Dr. Chol Deng Thon urged the investors, companies and governments of other countries to stop fearing and listening to what they see in the media and invest in South Sudan. South Sudan is as secured as any other country around the world, people don’t get shot on the streets like other countries and everyone is going about their business, said the MD during a panel discussion.

Mr. NJ Ayuk, the chairman of the Africa energy chamber who was also present during the event congratulated the country for showing resilience throughout the 2014 price downfall and the ministry of petroleum for managing to keep the industry together and production going on. We encourage women to be in the oil and gas industry. This will determine how stronger we are by how we engage more women, invest more in the role of women, show that women can lead. It should be put in regulations to support women and not only speak about it. The industry needs more women and young people, and this will bring about integration and enable us to achieve higher.  The organizers promised to have an even bigger conference next year come 2020.

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