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Juba, South Sudan, August 2020 – PETRONAS through its subsidiary, PETRONAS Carigali Nile Limited (PCNL), in collaboration with South Sudan’s Ministry of Petroleum and Nile Hope, a national non-governmental organisation, successfully completed the third phase of its Water for Life project on 30 April 2020. The initiative has so far benefited more than 10,000 people in Juba.

Two water yards were constructed in two locations, namely the Juba Orphanage Home and Konyo Konyo market area, marking the completion of the third phase of the project to provide safe and clean water to the local community. A total of 13 motorised water yards with solar-powered submersible pumps can now produce 27,000 litres of quality and safe water per day. The system offers less maintenance cost while capitalising on renewable energy which is highly sustainable, especially in rural areas.

PETRONAS South Sudan Country Chairman, Anuar Ismail said: “I am very pleased that PETRONAS together with the Ministry of Petroleum and Nile Hope have successfully completed all three phases of the Water for Life project as we continue to drive sustainable initiatives that will benefit South Sudan in the long-term”.

This Water for Life project is part of PETRONAS’ continuous Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts to provide accessible, quality, safe and clean water for local communities in Juba, especially during these trying times.

PCNL launched the first phase of its Water for Life project in September 2018 and completed it within four months. A total of six water yards were successfully built in five locations in Juba, namely Lologo, Gudele West, Joppa, Hai Referendum and Mangateen, with 72 public taps made available for more than 40,000 people. In the second phase, another five water yards were built in other areas in Juba between July and December 2019.  About 15,000 people in these areas, including Hai Baraka, Gurei Block 1, Gurei Market Block 2, Joppa Block 2 and Jebel Dinka, were able to utilise the 60 public taps.

Other initiatives carried out by PETRONAS in South Sudan include the PETRONAS Education Sponsorship Programme (PESP) involving 90 scholars to date; a blood donation drive in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and its partners; as well as a relief programme with the Juba Orphanage Home.

Cheerful laughter and smiles can be seen on the innocent faces of the orphans at Juba Orphanage Home as they happily quench their thirst directly from the water pipes that offer safe and clean drinking water